XKCD – Speed and Danger

This past Friday (1 July 2016) Randall Munroe posted a fairly standard diagram showing the four quadrants of a scatter plot with a few points on it with the axes “Crashes are Safe” / “Crashes are Dangerous” and “Fast” / “Slow”. The points on the scatter plot quadrants are labeled as “Normal Sports”, “Nascar”, “Formula One”, and “Rocket Launches”. Typically one might think of Nascar and Formula One being far faster than “Normal Sports.” In this case though, all things being relatively they’re much slower than “Rocket Launches.”

If we think about it however, accidents that involve Formula One and Nascar typically are fiery and quite dangerous. Rocket Launches though… yeah, they’re dangerous if you think about it as the astronauts are effectively sitting on top of a missile – queue up your favorite Road Runner / Wiley E. Coyote cartoon here. . .
Nevertheless, the humour in this comic to me is more pertaining to the mouseover comic which states, “NASCAR removed the passenger seats because drivers hated how astronauts kept riding along with them and loudly announcing, “Ahh, what a nice and relaxing drive.””
To me this is hilarious… primarily because this reminds me of the comedian Brian Regan in his comedy bit titled “I Walked On The Moon.” In this bit, he details the “me monster” and how Astronauts that were a part of the Apollo program that landed and walked on the moon are able to simply state, “I walked on the moon.”