A Challenge

So if you’ve been tracking my life over the past couple of years through social media and other mechanisms such as public appearances at different events you’ve probably noticed that I’ve dropped a little weight. Granted I’ve hit a plateau but managed to mostly keep off the weight that I was able to take off of my body.

The question now is what will it take to getting things moving forward again? Is it simply just the need to have others around me be supportive or perhaps me to get back on track with managing my appetite through better discipline? A good question indeed…

Enter Diet Bet (http://www.dietbetter.com/)… yes, social media. We all thought that Fitocracy would help us as we compete with one another for badges and such, but then realize that there’s not a ton of accountability since most of the folks that might be giving you props or making the occasional comment are followers but not necessarily a part of your community.

So what tends to motivate individuals? Typically it’s money, sex or power. In this case, Diet Bet puts your money where your mouth is… or I suppose it really puts your money where your muscles are – are you willing to work out and get in better shape or lose a little money? Sure, you’ve got the Pact App tracking your movements and you lose a little cash if you’re not active, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t calorie splurge after your hardcore workouts. Diet Bet on the other hand forces you to keep honest to yourself and do things the right way, else you end up losing your entry fee – never good.

So anyway, if you’re interested, check it out, I’ll be forming a group on there to test out a 4% decrease in 4 weeks. If you only weigh 200 pounds, that means that you’re looking at dropping 8 pounds over a month or 2 pounds a week – not that difficult to do – or is it 🙂

Ping me if you’re interested in joining a private group.


Health Care on Social Media?

Interestingly enough, while checking in on Four Square today, I noticed in the upper right hand of the iPhone app a mention of a special nearby.  When I clicked on it, I expected it to be something from a Starbucks nearby or perhaps the Houlihan’s a few miles away.  Instead it was something that struck me as a little odd.

http://cid-0bc4c9d6d8f9371b.office.live.com/embedphoto.aspx/.Public/uvageek/4sq-InovaHealthPlex.PNGSo I don’t know about you but this definitely made me scratch my head and wonder. I’m not quite certain what to think of such a revelation of healthcare vendors getting in on Web 2.0 / social media…Let alone Four Square.

So what does this mean that we can look forward to seeing? Good question since I’m thinking that the average age of Four Square users is somewhere under the age of 30 – individuals that aren’t too concerned about their physical location being known or too concerned with their personal privacy.

I suppose we are coming of age where individuals start having different information targeted at them based on their location – similar to Minority Report.

Nevertheless, interesting to see that Inova Healthplex is proactively reminding folks that they should get their flu shots.  I’m curious how one goes upon unlocking the “special”…