No parking here…

No seriously. There’s no parking here. Even if you wanted to you can’t and shouldn’t.

Snowzilla dumped ~30″ of snow on Fairfax, VA this past weekend. It led to a lot of fun times shoveling in blizzard conditions, hoping to keep up with the 2-3″ of snow per hour that were falling at one point. It also led to the consumption of freshly baked bread, sitting by the fire and enjoy just pleasant time of relaxing and reflecting.

What it led to most though was school closures across the region as well as two days that OPM closed the federal government in the DC area. School systems like Fairfax county sent a note urging parents and citizens alike to shovel sidewalks. The question we all had for them was “and put it where?”

Sure, plows have been able to press through and create a single lane allowing traffic to pass but the mounds of snow have nowhere to go. And for some, just the idea of unearthing their car is one that brings significant heartache and remorse that they left their car parked outside during the storm…

Mind you that we’re all in this together. The Empire of Snow can only defeat if you give in. Or if you get caught out on the high way while AT-AT’s are clearing the path to domination.

Stay safe friends. Spring is just around the corner.



I didn’t really want to go outside anyway. 

Yes, it’s snowing… Yes most folks are taking photos like they’ve never seen snow before… Yes it’s cold…

All that being said, I’ve found that shoveling snow while listening to a podcast can be quite soothing. If you’re looking for something, I recommend the following:

Oh and for you iOS folks, grab Overcast for the best podcast player out there…

All that aside, be safe, take your time, get to know your neighbors and don’t over exert yourself.