Sorting through old tech…

Photo Jan 09, 17 30 35So this past weekend in my free time I’ve been going through a few containers of items that I haven’t touched probably in a few years. So far I’ve filtered through about four boxes. While going through an old wooden crate (yes wooden, that’s the classy style Mom got me) I came across a cardboard box. Inside were a Sony Walkman and a Panasonic Portal CD Player.

Needless to say I find it amazing that I still have this little Walkman and notice that it has that awesome feature of Auto Reverse. It’s times like this however that I start wondering to myself, do I have any cassette tapes that I can actually play with this fella? Last time I checked I don’t.  However, the last time that I played with this I took the batteries out so if needed in an emergency I can still use this guy to get Digital tuning on both AM and FM bands. Score!

Photo Jan 09, 17 30 47But wait, there’s more, the Panasonic Discman with XBS or Extra Bass System also seems to be in working order and get this, it was manufactured in November 1993.  I was a mere Freshman in high school when I picked this up and used it. Talk about history that’s hard to get rid of. Granted, at the time this was cutting edge as I remember it – there was even a car kit for this device so that you could plug into an auxiliary cable and use it while in the car. How times have changed where we have Sync systems that tie into hard drives that store hours and hours of music.  I’m curious as to what’s next… Of course now the question is what to do with this stuff.