I forgot my Kindle…

Have you ever gotten to the office and thought to yourself, “Crud, I left my Kindle at home?” Yeah it happens to me every so often too. Primarily when I want to read a novel during lunch and I don’t feel like staring at the little screen on my mobile device. Fortunately with the reality of Mobile First, Cloud First being the mantra of most large companies these days Amazon brings us the “Read.Amazon.com” interface. It’s pretty snazzy in that you’re able to read your Kindle library (at least for the most part) right there from a web browser.
Sure you can’t snuggle up with your Kindle device and read like you might usually in the park or down in the cafe, but at least you’re able to still get in a few pages from your favorite novel.
For those of you using iBooks, I guess that’s a thing too but I’ll be honest, I haven’t ventured into it just yet as I like the ability to carry books on Amazon. . . alas, I suppose it’s similar to smart phones and having an ecosystem of apps.
Happy reading!