Glimpse of Heaven

A few minutes ago I was outside getting my overnight bag out of my car, and I had a glimpse of heaven that reminds me just how much I miss Charlottesville and the surrounding area.

My first year, I went out with my roommate Mike and a few friends of ours Sarah and Katherine to the Lawn and laid down in the middle of the Lawn and just looked to the sky. The way that the Pavilion lights were, it was just enough light that we were presented with a beautiful night sky, looking up at the Milky Way. I was in love with the Grounds of the University at that point.

Over the years as a student at the University, I sought out those places that gave beautiful views of the cosmos. You might think that I was an astronomy student as an undergrad, but rather a physics geek that just sought out the creations of God that are amazing and in most sense unexplainable.

So a few minutes ago, as I gaze up to the sky, I felt as though I had zoomed backward in life 10 years, seeing the amazing sky, almost wanting to lay down in the drive way and look up and adore the Lord’s creation.

Nickelback – All the Right Reasons – Next Contestant


Mario Mouse Anyone?

Now is it just me or is this something that I think is going to take the world by storm shortly? I know that many of my roommates from Bice 401, 413 Brandon Avenue, Charlottesville, VA circa 2000-2001 would love to have something like this attached to their computer.
Now you can say that we’re childish little boys, and that’s fine, I don’t mind reminiscing the times where we would sit in the living room together and play through apartment tournaments of Dr. Mario, critiquing one anothers game play and style, giving each other tips and pointers. Sure, we were not your average group of kids, but what can I say, that apartment has produced quite a bit of talent, Rob out at CalTech working on his PhD in Chemistry; Dylan working with inner city kids, teaching them and giving them hope, helping to give them knowledge and mold their minds; Michael at the University of Kentucky working on his MD; Mitchell at NC State working on his PhD in Economics; Tim having finished his Business Management certificate from UVA this past year while working on Capitol Hill; and myself working as a consultant in the Northern Virginia metropolitan area for a firm that shall remain unnamed, doing work in many different sectors. Definitely not your regular gamers, rather we just enjoy Mario…
I think I know what would make a great stocking stuff for my bro’s 🙂 Interested in knowing more, check this out. Looking to order one, you can preorder one now from the National Console Support from their website, or directly from here. They look to be shipping sometime in November of this year!

[Listening to: Mountains Are Far Away – The Silk Road Ensemble & Yo-Yo Ma – Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon (6:08)]

The Complete Works of Shakespeare…Abridged…in 90 minutes…

Ever been to Staunton, Virginia? Ever wonder how to pronounce Staunton? Well, now you have something all the more to wonder about with regard to this city in West Central Virginia as the Blackfriar’s Playhouse presents “The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged.” This performance lasts days upon days, weeks upon weeks… actually it all takes place in about 90 minutes.

See HAMLET performed backwards, forwards, and sideways, TITUS ANDRONICUS as a cooking show, a rap version of OTHELLO, the history plays performed as a football game, and much more. It’s a rabid riot of physical comedy and breakneck banter that lampoons the world’s greatest playwright and all of his plays. Whether you already know and love Shakespeare or wouldn’t recognize iamb if it bit you in the leg, this is unbridled fun for the whole family. (Courtesy of Shenandoah Shakespeare Website)

Interested in going? Act now, it will only last a few more days 🙂

Bice 401

fter not having spent more than two hours in Charlottesville for almost a year now, I made the journey back to Charlottesville after work this past Friday, driving down good ole I-64 West toward The University and up Route 29. It was a period of time less than 24 hours that was definitely some of the most precious time I’ve spent with anyone in a while (excluding the friends that I had up this past week from Georgia).
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