Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 – The (in)Complete Reference

I love it when I order books off of before books go to press, building a library and wealth of information and knowledge to slurp up into my mind.  Primarily I like the ordering before the book goes to press part, primarily because it means that I’m going to get something that I’m not quite certain of its contents before I actually get it.

So I received "The Complete Reference – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007" by David Sterling yesterday.  Looks like a decent resource, similar to the majority of other SharePoint 2007 books released recently, however there’s just one catch it’s not "complete".  There are several topics that there’s nothing there on.  I suppose these are the topics that I’ll continue to write about in my own book 🙂

By no means am I stating that the book is a sham, it’s actually quite good and having known David, it definitely reads like he’s writing it; additionally he really does bring together quite a bit of information that you’d have to search around for hours (maybe days) over on Microsoft’s TechNet site before you’d ever find it, especially since he’s bringing the information all together into one spot.  I can only hope that my first book is somewhere close to that.

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