Maryland drivers…

…can be incredibly lucky sometimes. In this instance it was the case of a man narrowly escaping injury as a light pole fell and pierced his car on the beltway in a portion that resides in Maryland (source:

So yes, Maryland drivers sometimes seem to be incredibly lucky. From what the article depicts, he was sitting in beltway traffic due to an accident and a light pole fell and pierced his car, missing his head by a few inches. Apparently an ambulance bumped said pole while it swerved onto the embankment thanks to someone sideswiping said ambulance.

What do we learn from this episode?
For starters that the light poles apparently are made of flimsy metal that can’t withstand being bumped by an ambulance. Further that light poles apparently can pierce the materials of a vehicle quite easily. I’m more curious as to what happened to the lamp that sits on top of a light pole. This episode also reminds us to stay out of Maryland if at all possible during high occupancy on the beltway. And lastly, if you’re driving on the beltway, seriously give some space to emergency vehicles.

Be safe my friends.