Stay off the roads already…

If you’re living in the DC Metro region, you may have noticed that all you hear on the news this week is that snow is coming. No they’re not talking about a new season of Game of Thrones and the great Jon Snow. They’re referring to precipitation. 

Earlier this week there was a light dusting of snow. It got ugly as apparently there were over 700 collisions in the state, most in the northern Virginia area. While there are several contributing factors to include everyone being caught off guard by a light dusting on untreated roads which turned icy, in addition to DC region drivers generally not knowing how to drive in the snow unless they’re a migrant from places such as Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine or the great state of Ohio. 

Nevertheless, it took up to two hours for some individuals to go 20 miles. Ridiculous some might say. With the impending doom of the blizzard of 2016 on our doorstep, take a word of warning to stay off the roads… Empire storm troopers will be patrolling local roads in AT-AT carriers clearing roads of vehicles as depicted in the image above 😉

Seriously though, a lot of snow is expected. If you haven’t prepared yet, well there’s still some time but not much. Non perishable items are your best bet at this point along with batteries and a full tank of gas. My prediction is that main roads will be cleared in the next few days but you can expect to get to know your family pretty well these next few days – be safe, stay indoors. 


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