Feed flipper, iTunes Feeds and McLean Presbyterian Church

A few months back, I had sent a note to a local church in the DC metro area – McLean Presbyterian to be precise – asking if they had an RSS feed for their sermons that are presented on Sunday mornings to their congregation. At the time they didn’t, but they informed me that they were re-vamping their website and would have this in the near future. I was amazed that they were forward thinking on engagement mediums – go McLean Pres!

Sure enough, when I went to check this morning, lo and behold, an iTunes feed to consume through iTunes Podcast. If only I used iTunes Podcast functionality on my iOS device – instead I typically use OverCast.fm, mostly for its Smart Speed capability to remove the gaps in podcasts that sometimes get left in.

So I think to myself, “Well that’s not good, how am I going to consume an RSS feed that’s published through iTunes?”

Enter Feed Flipper – an online based app that will check to see what the actual RSS source is by pulling the feed and parsing it on behalf of the user.

So after copying the iTunes feed, I was presented with the underlying source – http://feeds.feedburner.com/mcleanpressermons

Presto, entered into the OverCast.fm app on my iDevice and I’m in business.

Thanks to the fine folks at McLean Presbyterian for putting together an RSS feed to be able to more easily pull down sermons from the faithful pastor teachers. Also thanks to the developers for Feed Flipper so that I could find out the source RSS feed.