Doctor Who?

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and you’ve got Amazon Prime and you’re thinking to yourself, “At least I can always watch the seasons for free with my prime membership…” you might be in for a little bit of heartache.

Recently Netflix re-negotiated their deal with the BBC to be able to carry BBC shows like Doctor Who on their streaming service. Fans rejoiced as they wouldn’t have to binge watch their shows to complete them before 1 February.

In this strange twist though, Amazon Prime is not re-negotiating their deals with the BBC. Why you ask? Apparently exclusivity. They want sole rights to show something. Not quite certain if I agree with this way of doing things, but that would be their corporate decision… and since I don’t run Amazon 😉

More on this yonder at the Verge for anyone curious about some of the finer details.

For those that are bummed, don’t worry, you can always pick up a Netflix subscription 🙂


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