Goodbye And Farewell WayPort broadband

You call this Internet broadband!?!

There are definitely days when I’m sitting in StarBucks riding on the AT&T / WayPort network and notice that it slows to a crawl. This typically happens whenever I’m actually attempting to use any devices that rely on the Internet. I realize this is probably something that most people don’t actually try to do. 😉

Seriously though, I’m befuddled by the service offering that StarBucks has through AT&T for Internet in a good chunk of its cafes through out North America providing shared Internet bandwidth of a low class DSL line. While this may be something that most individuals in the US probably look at as decent for mail synchronization of a mobile device, anything more is just not happening – so yes that means lugging your iMac to play worlds of Warcraft in the corner will probably be better suited somewhere else.


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