Password Managers

Not quite certain I wholly agree with the article on password managers – you see, I’ve been using 1Password for a while now. It’s a decent service that allows me to sync across my different devices without requiring me to leave my database of passwords in the cloud so to speak.

In this case, LifeHacker’s poll has turned up that LastPass is the clear winner – which to me is interesting but at the same time I’m not entirely sold on this. I say this mostly because the UI just doesn’t seem super refined. Now the caveat is that I can’t say that the 1Password UI for the Windows application is all that pretty.

The one thing that I will say seems advantageous of LastPass is the ability to sync without having to reach back and forth to DropBox. While this seems like a simple requirement, it’s somewhat frustrating for those of us that try to not install additional software kit on a machine when we just need access to our passwords.

This all being said though, interesting review that you all might want to take a few minutes checking out…
5 Best Password Managers


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