New Years Resolutions….

It’s a trap!
Similar to what Admiral Akbar says in Star Wars Episode VI, “It’s a trap!” just as the Rebel Alliance speeds toward the Death Star only to realize that the force shield is still operational… our families tend to trap us in eating habits regardless of what our resolutions are.

What’s this mean you ask? Well, for so many individuals that state, “I’m losing weight!” on 31 December only to try and start exercising a little more but not actual do anything else… it’s not really going to do anything for you. Why do I say this? Because I’ve been there and thought to myself, I just need to exercise more, that’s all I need to do.”

Reality Check It’s all about your diet. If you’re not changing your diet first, then you’re not going to really make any kind of impact in your workout. What’s more though? Family… they tend to not realize that they themselves may be causing you to slip. So what’s that mean? Take a step back and re-affirm that your diet is your diet and that you need to clue folks in so that you’re able to rock your diet.

More details from good ole LifeHacker


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