Whiskey… Beta.

I was listening to David Smith‘s Developing Perspective podcast the other morning and found it to be interesting to listen to his interview with Sam Soffes perspective on consulting and development. One of the ideas that he mentioned was being passionate about what you do, else you just begin to treat it like a job where you’re not invested in what you’re doing and you don’t necessarily do your best.

If you work in the IT field, this resonates pretty loudly (at least to me). If you’re not working on a side project or product to keep your joy in work, then you’ll probably hit a slump. If you’ve hit the slump, then I recommend taking a day and figuring out what your joy is in technology and finding a side project that you can work on and be interested in while working through the doldrums of work.

Best quote of the podcast, “There will be a never ending supply of Grumpy people.” So true.

Oh and if you get a chance, check out Sam’s product he’s working on called Whiskey… it’s a Markdown editor – something that we all love to drink up. The URL itself cracks me up and show’s Sam’s creative side – click the link for Whiskey and you’ll see why 🙂


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