Doctor Who?

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and you’ve got Amazon Prime and you’re thinking to yourself, “At least I can always watch the seasons for free with my prime membership…” you might be in for a little bit of heartache.

Recently Netflix re-negotiated their deal with the BBC to be able to carry BBC shows like Doctor Who on their streaming service. Fans rejoiced as they wouldn’t have to binge watch their shows to complete them before 1 February.

In this strange twist though, Amazon Prime is not re-negotiating their deals with the BBC. Why you ask? Apparently exclusivity. They want sole rights to show something. Not quite certain if I agree with this way of doing things, but that would be their corporate decision… and since I don’t run Amazon 😉

More on this yonder at the Verge for anyone curious about some of the finer details.

For those that are bummed, don’t worry, you can always pick up a Netflix subscription 🙂


Lego Marvel Superheroes – SHIELD Helicarrier

So if you’re like me, you get giddy when there are Legos around…. I’ve got a Lego R2, a Lego Millennium Falcon, and perhaps sometime in the future, a Lego SHIELD Helicarrier.

The starting price according to a Brickset article is ~$349. A bit of a stretch, but we’ll see.

If you’re interested in seeing just how amazing this set is, check it out over here:

Welcome to Carousel…

Hey thanks DropBox… just what I was… hoping… for.

If you’re a DropBox user and you have your mobile device setup to automatically push photos up to the “Camera Uploads” directory within your DropBox then you might notice the next time that you go there that you’re being flipped over to Carousel.

I didn’t receive any warning, but I did notice in the modal popup that I could change it back to the normal photos view that I’ve become accustomed to over the past few years since it became available – either immediately or through the settings.

And no, there’s nothing over at the Dropbox Blog at the moment about Carousel. We’ll see if a blog post comes out.

Within minutes of going to the website though, I did find it interesting that I received an email to let me know that I’d been upgraded to Carousel. Interesting change management strategy…

And if you happen to wander over to your friendly neighborhood Dropbox, you’ll notice that the Photos item is no longer there but just Carousel.

Nevertheless, we’ll see how this goes and see if it gets changed back to good ole Photos in the near future.

Amazon Prime discounted for a day…

Stop the presses!

There’s a Sale at Penny’s!

Sale at Penney's
Wait, no, it’s Amazon Prime that’s on sale today! From midnight to midnight Pacific Time on 24 January 2015, Amazon Prime is having a sale on it’s service that provides for free 2 day shipping and a slew of other things like streaming television and music for a mere $72!?!?!

Mind you this is only available to the new customers le sigh.

If you’re interested, head on over to Amazon Prime

Goodbye And Farewell WayPort broadband

You call this Internet broadband!?!

There are definitely days when I’m sitting in StarBucks riding on the AT&T / WayPort network and notice that it slows to a crawl. This typically happens whenever I’m actually attempting to use any devices that rely on the Internet. I realize this is probably something that most people don’t actually try to do. 😉

Seriously though, I’m befuddled by the service offering that StarBucks has through AT&T for Internet in a good chunk of its cafes through out North America providing shared Internet bandwidth of a low class DSL line. While this may be something that most individuals in the US probably look at as decent for mail synchronization of a mobile device, anything more is just not happening – so yes that means lugging your iMac to play worlds of Warcraft in the corner will probably be better suited somewhere else.

New Years Resolutions….

It’s a trap!
Similar to what Admiral Akbar says in Star Wars Episode VI, “It’s a trap!” just as the Rebel Alliance speeds toward the Death Star only to realize that the force shield is still operational… our families tend to trap us in eating habits regardless of what our resolutions are.

What’s this mean you ask? Well, for so many individuals that state, “I’m losing weight!” on 31 December only to try and start exercising a little more but not actual do anything else… it’s not really going to do anything for you. Why do I say this? Because I’ve been there and thought to myself, I just need to exercise more, that’s all I need to do.”

Reality Check It’s all about your diet. If you’re not changing your diet first, then you’re not going to really make any kind of impact in your workout. What’s more though? Family… they tend to not realize that they themselves may be causing you to slip. So what’s that mean? Take a step back and re-affirm that your diet is your diet and that you need to clue folks in so that you’re able to rock your diet.

More details from good ole LifeHacker

Password Managers

Not quite certain I wholly agree with the article on password managers – you see, I’ve been using 1Password for a while now. It’s a decent service that allows me to sync across my different devices without requiring me to leave my database of passwords in the cloud so to speak.

In this case, LifeHacker’s poll has turned up that LastPass is the clear winner – which to me is interesting but at the same time I’m not entirely sold on this. I say this mostly because the UI just doesn’t seem super refined. Now the caveat is that I can’t say that the 1Password UI for the Windows application is all that pretty.

The one thing that I will say seems advantageous of LastPass is the ability to sync without having to reach back and forth to DropBox. While this seems like a simple requirement, it’s somewhat frustrating for those of us that try to not install additional software kit on a machine when we just need access to our passwords.

This all being said though, interesting review that you all might want to take a few minutes checking out…
5 Best Password Managers