Yosemite and iOS 8 – Changing your Phone Dialer

So you’re able to make calls through your Mac, but for some reason you keep defaulting to Skype and you say to yourself, “But I want to use my iOS device that’s talking back and forth with my Mac through Low Power BlueTooth darnit!”

Well, there’s an app for that… or rather setting configuration.

Similar to the way that you can use Facebook Audio in Mavericks to place calls with other Mac users, there’s a setting in the FaceTime Audio for “Default for Calls”.  If you set Skype as your default dialer in the past, well then you’re probably noticing that your outgoing calls are still trying to use Skype.

So how do you fix this? Open up FaceTime (Command + Space, FaceTime, Enter)


And your lovely camera kicks on and your FaceTime app starts


From there open up Preferences, either by going to File -> Preferences or using the keyboard shortcut of Command + , [yes, that’s Command and the comma key at the same time).

Note that I’m still set to Skype for call routing…


So simple click the selector and change over to FaceTime.app


Just close the Preferences and the FaceTime app and you’re good to go…

And just like that, you click on a Phone icon in a Contact Card and you’re making calls through your iPhone through FaceTime.

Mind you if you don’t want to use your iOS 8 device with your OSX Yosemite machine, just check the checkbox for “iPhone Cellular Calls”.


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