Curly… Straight… Curly… Straight…

A few weeks ago I was giggling to myself about the Simpsons episode from a long time ago where Homer is sitting there with a pig, curling and uncurling its tail, whereupon Bart merely says, “I don’t think he likes that…” and then the pig loses it and goes nuts.

What’s that have to do with this post? Nothing really. Just that I happen to have gotten back into using my Feedly account (RIP Google Reader) with the Reeder 2 app and revisited my Uncrate feed and noticed something called the Tethercell.

At first glance, reading through the information about the device I read the words “tether, remote, battery.” Three words. Three words that may eventually work themselves into a password schema (reference XKCD 936).

At second glance though, it started to make a little more sense after going to the Tethercell website, reading through the actual site and watching the video and going, “Oh wow that’s actually kind of cool.” The ability to swap out a AA battery for a tethercell loaded with a AAA battery to remotely control whether or not the device is turned on, in addition to what the battery power left is. Cooler yet is the coming ability to detect proximity to the device.

Sure, this is a novelty item in some regard… but if you think about the number of times where you’re sitting there and frowning because a device is no longer working because the battery died because you inadvertently left it on all night, you’ll see this as a life saver.

The device costs about $30 per tethercell, so the buy in price is a little hefty – hopefully this price will come down over time. Hopefully.

Anyone out there using this handy little device yet? If so, leave a comment!


2 thoughts on “Curly… Straight… Curly… Straight…

  1. That’s fairly sweet – but yeah, that cost will need to come down to $5-$10 each for it to take off. Very clever idea though – I’d love to put all of Mache’s toys on that thing! hahaha

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