Blocking Auto Play on news sites…

We’ve all been there. We go to our favorite news aggregation tool and we scan through the headlines, control clicking links and letting them open up behind the main page to read later. When out of nowhere a few seconds later a cacophony of noise begins erupting from your speakers and you quickly try to determine which tab it is has kicked up a video only to realize that three tabs have started playing videos over one another.

In one of the more recent builds of Chrome, a small little speaker icon is shown in the tab if it’s playing audio, but still this is somewhat of an annoyance. I knew that there had to be a way to stop this, I just hadn’t stumbled across the proper setting.

And then it hit me… well okay, so then the photons carrying information to my eyes were absorbed and I was enlightened. Enter Addictive Tips recent article on just how to block auto-play videos across all browsers.

Check it out…


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