Taking a moment to stop and remember…

2014-03-23 13.41.33
Five years ago today, on 23 March 2009 we laid your body to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, several months after your passing.

In those five years we have been through many emotions, from great sadness to laughter. From anger and bitterness to rejoicing in the lives you touched. There have been tears and smiles. And yet every time I have the opportunity to visit you I remember your sweet spirit and your care for those both in the community and the church family, those known and unknown, and with your family. I remember the way that you cared so deeply for your husband, your children and grand children. You were an amazing mother and so much more. 

Five years ago, when we laid your body to it’s final resting place, your friends and family surrounded you and we commemorated your life and celebrated Christ’s works evidenced throughout your life. Today, things are a little quieter, but you are still remembered and the Lord’s works are still evident in those He touched through you.

We miss you, but we rejoice in the hope of seeing you one day again.