So I’m curious, but how many of you find yourself pressing and pressing and pressing, trying to get through a plateau but unable to break through the wall?

That’s where I’m at now. Wondering if jogging will help to break through the plateau. 4 mile walks up hill at 3.8mph are fun, but maybe it’s jogging and running that will truly help to break through this plateau.


Hello NYC

2013 07 26 17 51 42Nothing quite like a little trip to the Apple store in New York City… And while I might be someone that enjoys working out SharePoint solutions on top of the Windows Networking Infrastructure platform, there’s nothing like a quick trip by the Apple cube.

After a quick trip by the Apple store it was off to check out good ole FAO Schwartz to wander through the candy and toys section and as a friend of mine… FA Oh my… yes… there were just that many toys that even us big kids like… namely the legos.

So if you’re in New York City, swing over to 5th Avenue and about 55th Street and wander through FAO and the Apple store 🙂


My recent travels took me to good ole West Virginia and I have to say that it’s a nice place from the limited time that I was afforded to spend there. Between the down to earth people and the country cooking it’s not too shabby. And then I came upon Smitty’s Kountry Kreme and I have to say that it made me smile.

You see, every American town seems to have an ice cream parlor of some sort that serves up home made custard, frozen yogurt or ice cream. In Fredericksburg, VA you’ve got Carl’s… in Williamsburg you’ve got Sno 2 Go… and here in Morgantown… you’ve got Smitty’s.

So if you’re looking for a bit of ice cream and you’ve got a desire for some ice cream wing on down.

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