Bye Bye Copper… hello Wireless.

Interesting read over on The Verge regarding Verizon looking to move away from Copper based networks. While Copper networks started back in 1878 thanks to Bell Telephone Company the Copper network that exists in the US is expansive and reliable for the most part. While it may not provide the cleanest phone network, it at least provides for connectivity requiring low amounts of power to operate. What most people don’t realize though is that really the only part of the phone network remaining is more the last mile from the phone network to the house – because that’s the wire that’s already there.

So am I a fan of the fact that Verizon is thinking about going from Copper that might have static but is redundant in nature in that it’s a lower power technology to Wireless communications from the house to the cell network, not especially since there’s a greater chance that the Wireless system would be impacted by adverse weather. Nevertheless, if the service is better and the service level agreement does not negatively impact the subscriber to the system, it may not be as bad as some are making it out to be.

For more, check out this article here from the Verge –