Unlocking phones from carriers…

I find it funny that Americans are so interested in being able to unlock their phone to move it onto another carrier’s network. What most Americans continue to forget are three things:

1 – They signed a contract that is a legal agreement with the carrier that they are supposed to stick around with.

2 – Unlocking a phone from one network and attempting to put it onto another network while functionally feasible to unlock, may not always work if the underlying technologies are different (e.g. trying to put a Verizon CMDA/LTE device onto an AT&T GSM/LTE network).

3 – If you want phones to be easily unlocked and moved across networks then carriers will no longer subsidize phones.

So effectively at that point we see those that are in favour of intervention on behalf of the populous to encourage mobile telecommunications networks to all use the same bands, technologies and not be competitive with one another in what technologies they use, as well as for them to suddenly increase costs on all consumers – I mean that is what we all want right?

Perhaps I’m missing the point here of flexibility, but the way I see it, individuals perhaps need to understand the basics of the technology they’re using and such before they start making demands on the telecommunications operators.


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