SimCity – Whoa, what the?

ImageSeems that there are quite a few issues that are popping up with good ole SimCity, re-released in all of its online gaming 3D glory recently.  Most notably though, at least to me is the number of bad reviews that have been posted to Amazon in the short period that the game has been made available. I totally get that people are upset but wow. I guess it’s true like what one of the individuals posted – it’s the equivalent of buying a $60 frisbee that doesn’t fly.

Update – 10 March 2013, 11:44 AM EDT: This just in, the game apparently has started to rise in its popularity and rankings on Amazon. Apparently the game has purportedly been found to be a cure for chronic apathy and procrastination. More on this from plantos500 in his review of the new Sim City.

You’d think I’d be mega unhappy like everyone else at the constant waiting and lack of actually being able to play a game I purchased.

Well, you’d be wrong.

The hours upon hours since launch that I haven’t been able to log in, whether it be sitting in queues, or server busy messages, or just plain old not working screens, I’ve managed to do a heap of things that I never do when I’m locked in my man cave playing video games.

I’ve washed the dishes, the laundry, changed the oil in the car, mopped the floors, dusted, did a spot of gardening, greeted my children who I hadn’t really seen since Christmas, walked the dog, asked how my wife’s day has been and listened to the entire response, restocked the groceries and many more things! My family has never been happier that they’ve got a father and husband again.

In fact, I feel like Simcity has given me a new lease on life. This wouldn’t have been possible without the seemingly crazy decision to have constant online connections and server side save points even for single player.

So I can only thank EA and Maxis. Your failures have been my rewards. 5 stars!


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