Kindle Paperwhite

So if you’re like me, you don’t like to just sit idle – though I can’t argue that it’s good to get out at times and just let my brain defragment so to speak. Nevertheless, several years ago I bought the second generation Kindle, thinking to myself that Amazon was crazy and that these devices would never catch on. Like several other things in life – I was wrong 😉

So anyway, 2012 rolls around and Amazon releases the Kindle Paperwhite, a nicely build small form factor eReader that provides for a few gigabytes worth of books (thinking that books are typically a meg or less of text without pictures) it’s got plenty of space for an entire library of reading.

I keep this tucked away in my bag during the day but typically in the evenings when I just need to free myself of distractions, I pull out the Kindle Paperwhite – not having to worry about an iDevice popping up a message in front of the Kindle App stating that I’ve got new mail or using the plugins for Firefox or Chrome and getting distracted by other tasks at hand.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for escapism in search of knowledge, consider the Paperwhite. It’s small, low cost, decent battery, it’s got a backlit screen so you can actually read it at night and best of all it’s lightweight and fits in the hands similar to how a novel would.



The Bourne Legacy

So after seeing the original Bourne Trilogy and being half way through the novel “The Bourne Legacy”, I figured why not check the movie out that came out this past year. The movie starts off with the main character, Aaron Cross, in Alaska training. Definitely different than the book, but interesting nonetheless.

I will say that I was a bit frustrated that they attempted to marry the story up to the book plot line by introducing a non-Treadstone agent into the mix named “LARX” which I presume was to be akin to the character “Khan” or “Joshua Bourne” from the book.

If you’re looking for deep plot, avoid this, but if you’re looking for some action with attempts at chemistry building, check it out.

The Bourne Legacy – Amazon Link