Fun with images…

I have to say that it makes me chuckle when I see something on a news media outlet, or I suppose a technology blog that keeps up on different things going on in society and how products are being released and such.

In this case it’s The Verge released an article titled “White House cybersecurity order will call for agencies to share threat intel with businesses“. Interesting article to say the least, but what makes me giggle is the stock photo that’s used. In this case it’s this:

Crashed Terminal

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we should be concerned with the BIOS POST of what looks to be a really old computer that’s coming up that happens to have a PATA CD re-writeable drive a with a lot of slots that are filled. Not quite certain what the tie-in to cybersecurity is since I would think that perhaps a Cisco IOS terminal shell opened with the running configuration and routing table would be a little more appropriate.

Alas, I suppose this is just more “technical” jargon being tossed around by media that doesn’t quite understand what they’re reporting on…


Old School Tech

Kinda smiling when I was going through a box earlier today and came across some old Jump Drive Pro’s from Lexar. Funnier than anything was the size of the drives, 256 MB and 512 MB respectively.

At the time, those were pretty large drives. Alas, nothing on them ‘cept for drivers for an old Lenovo T60. Now the question is what to do with them. I’m not quite certain of anyone in the market for “slow” USB 2.0 drives that have a small amount of space. Especially considering when most media files are easily over a GB these days. Any thoughts?