What’s your favorite chair?

So maybe about six months ago I picked up a Herman Miller Aeron chair. It’s been a decent investment in the sense that my back isn’t frustrated at me when I’m spending multiple hours sitting and coding software, writing blog posts or working on developing environments.

Well, LifeHacker had a decent article about different chairs recently that might be of interest to the rest of you to add your comments to…



4 thoughts on “What’s your favorite chair?

  1. I adopted an Aeron chair after the coworker it was ordered for quit.. and it is a really nice chair! It took some help to get it adjusted to the right height, etc for me since at first it wasn’t supporting my back at first, but now I love it! 🙂

  2. I’ve found that it’s hard on the back pants pocket where you keep your wallet, like it sorta makes the pants wear more on that.

    1. No disagreement here, however this is why I keep my pocket in my front pockets most days. That and to prevent someone from trying to pick my pocket.

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