Here’s the thing… Sugar

Recently I’ve become somewhat addicted to listening to Podcasts while working and commuting around the DC area or on those fun little road trips to the midwest or along the Midatlantic.

One of the more interesting podcasts is hosted by Alec Baldwin called, “Here’s the Thing” on WNYC radio. In one of the more recent postings from 2 July, Alec talks with Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist at UC San Francisco.

The talk is interesting to me as it discusses some of the issues that our society has with the intake of sugar and the way that we tend to snack on sugar filled calories which in turn only fuel the fire seeking out more sugar filled items which in turn leads to obesity.

Nevertheless, an interesting podcast to listen to, eye opening in some regards as to how to limit your intake of sugar and why you should steer clear of indulging in your diet.

Check it out here –


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