iTunes App Store – Processing Orders

Well folks, it would seem that if you’re going to go buy an app or two from the Apple AppStore this morning that you might run into a minor problem… at least I did while trying to pick up MarsEdit this morning – alas I’m forced to use a demo version – le sigh.

So if you happen to mosey over to the store, you might see something like this:

We could not complete your request. There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (100)

followed by this:

The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time. Cred card processing is temporarily unavailable. You may continue to browse the store. Please try to make your purchase later.

Guessing this is just a server or two rebooting or a network cable that needs to be plugged back in and fixed shortly but nevertheless, thought that it was interesting to see it happen.

Interesting to see that the AppStore for OSX is tied to the iTunes store 🙂


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