Must be a slow news day… email encryption? really?

Why You Need to Use Encrypted Email:


Have you ever considered or wondered how it is that some articles get posted up on news sites? I realize that we can’t all have reporting bureaus across the globe like the BBC, FoxNews or CNN, but seriously it cracks me up when I read articles by media outlets like Laptop Magazine attempting to educate the public on the basics of e-mail security or the use of the Internet.

Yes, it’s true that the Internet for all intents and purposes is a decent system and yes it’s true that e-mail is a decent medium for transporting information in an electronic method rather than what we used to do through the US Postal Service… but having something like Laptop Magazine try to tell folks that they need to encrypt their e-mail is only going to cause further confusion and problems. I would think perhaps that they would want to include a disclaimer that states you probably shouldn’t include PII or information that is “sensitive” such as a social or a credit card number in an e-mail…

Anything beyond that in terms of mail encryption for regular mail messages seems a little overkill – fortunately the article calls out that it would require having a receiving system that has the ability to decrypt messages.

“Otherwise, the recipient could end up getting emails that he either won’t be able to open or will be random characters without any meaning,” Neylon said.

This tends to happen frequently when one party is attempting to use encryption of some sort and other party is just using a web based mail browser that doesn’t know how to interpret or parse a certificate out of an e-mail. Great way to get confused and ask them to send the information unencrypted.

The article fortunately does call out a few other resources such as

Nevertheless, consider this a public service announcement / primer from good ole Laptop Magazine… just wish that folks would “man up” and realize that perhaps the security of the Internet isn’t quite as secure as they might like to wish it were… ignorance is bliss, eh?


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