Flipboard Launches for Android Phones

Flipboard Launches for Android Phones:

(Via Phone Scoop – Latest News)

So for anyone curious, good ole FlipBoard has finally launched an Android client. First impressions from this user are that it does a decent job of pulling content together from major news / tech providers that maintain what I would call beautiful imagery and text already… It’s a nice interface that’s pretty simple to use on Android (for me the Samsung Galaxy Nexus). The only caveat that I have is that it would be nice to control the news sources. If that’s possible I’d love it for someone to point it out as to how =)


4 thoughts on “Flipboard Launches for Android Phones

  1. Commenting from flipboard on a galaxy nexus… So far I like it.
    As for controlling news sources, I assume you’ve figured out how to control what content is on you’re pages. Beyond that, you’re limited to what the program lets you add (a pretty good selection though).

    1. Yup, I’ve figured out how to change the core feed sections between like technology, sports, travel, etc. I guess I was thinking it would be cool to have it integrate in with something like Google Reader or perhaps be able to consume an OPML file.

      1. I’m pretty sure you can add your Google Reader feeds as well. I am a heavy user of Google Reader, but I haven’t found a mobile app that does it justice. I’ll use the Google app for it on occasion though.

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