Pulling the wool over your eyes…

I was going through my Google Reader feed this evening and came across an entry that made me giggle a little in that it would seem once again individuals are taking on a false sense of security by using a third party VPN system to “cloak” their web traffic.

In this case it’s a vendor with the name “Get Cloaked” for OS-X and iOS. Basically it’s a turn key solution that allows you to browse through their secure VPN software. While this may secure your web traffic and tunnel port 80/443 traffic to the web in terms of web sites, it still leaves other ports wide open for listening. Further on top of that, there’s nothing that states that they’re not recording all traffic that passes through their system – this was something that Google offered for a while as well – wireless VPN to keep your traffic encrypted but going through their pipe to their datacenter… 

Your best bet is to connect to a secure network or a network that you know who the owner is. Further on top of that, securing your data using WPA2 and ensuring that for sites that you’re connecting to that require you to put personal information into are using 128bit SSL certificates to create an encrypted stream from the server to your browser. Alas, basic security still seems to boggle the minds of most.

If you’re really curious about reading more up on Get Cloak and don’t mind having the wool pulled over your eyes, check out Lifehacker’s review here or go directly to Getcloak.com


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