Remembering our Wounded Warriors

The other day I popped on Facebook and noticed in the stream of thoughts that are displayed something in Shannon Bray‘s postings that caught my eye. For those of you that don’t know Shannon, he’s a thoughtful guy that’s darn sharp in the SharePoint field. What he shared was something that definitely hit home for me – the Wounded Warrior Project.

While I won’t get into details of how it relates to me, I cannot stress enough how much we owe to our wounded warriors. The Wounded Warrior Project is definitely an organization that has well intentions and works to help those that have given so much for us as Americans in terms of our freedoms and liberties.

I urge you as Americans to do the right thing and support our Wounded Warriors through either the WWP financially or with your time through volunteering at one of the numerous events throughout the country. They have given on our behalf so selflessly, why is it that we find it so hard to give back something to them?

Take a moment and check out the WWP web site and consider how you can support…

The Wounded Warrior Project –