Santa Gets Hacked…

Apparently it would seem that the CISO (Computer Information Security Officer) and his elves were lax on security at the North Pole… in as much, incriminating data on individuals around the world has been leaked. The ramifications seem to be pretty drastic. For more watch the video reporting expose below.


Getting in the spirit of things…

This afternoon I met up with my buddy Joel and introduced him to one of my favorites, Eggspectations. Definitely fun times to catch up on life from the past few months and exchange a few laughs. When we excited though I had to smile when I saw the car converted reindeer parked near Joel. 🙂

Mobile Telecommunications and Verizon Wireless Service Level Agreements

This morning in the Northern Virginia area, Verizon Wireless seems to have had a hiccup in their data networks that support their mobile devices. This is the third such hiccup to effect the 4G customer base this year – something that marketing is heavily pushing and early adopters are salivating over due to the speed and technology advances that are provided.

Information regarding outage:

It really would be nice to know when the system will come to steady state for LTE and CDMA access to be restored. While I realize that Verizon is doing its best to provide service to millions of customers, I would also hope that Verizon would be willing to provide something like “” that has either a blog with entries of what network outages may be occurring on a large scale or something like Google or Amazon Web Services dashboard that shows outages related to services with additional information below.

Is this too much to ask for a multi-billion dollar industry so that individuals that rely on mobile telecommunications are able to more adequately recommend or put faith into their provider?

Dark Roast has arrived…


Oh it’s on… that’s right ladies and gents (I know that there are six of you reading this ;)). French Roast from Starbucks for your Keurig machine (or mine :)) is now available in your favorite supermarket, grocery store or Amazon. So what’s this mean? Well now you can brew your own drip coffee for half the coast that you would if you’re buying it in a local store. Sure you don’t get your Starbucks Gold card drink points, but you can put it in the cup of your choice and brew at your leisure.

So first impressions, it’s definitely decent and the barista even served it up in a snazzy mug instead of just a paper cup. How’s that for finesse?