Cleaning things up…

Do you ever wonder about how our lives get so convoluted with different activities, projects that we volunteer to help out with, relationships, family, mud? Well, there’s only one way to get through it all – cleaning up 🙂


Some folks have the notion of Spring cleaning – or “clean up big”. What’s the point is my question? Especially if it just means that within a month that things will go back to the way that they were with piles starting to grow where the piles that were there a few minutes earlier were.

Nevertheless, like other aspects of life, there always seems to be a catch – something that prevents us from keeping life in perfect working order (and if everything is in perfect working order, man your life has gotta be boring… try some espresso roast coffee to liven things up ;)). So I encourage you – start cleaning up on a regular basis, not just once a month.

The mantra doesn’t stop with cleaning though, keeping your skills in tune through regular practice – definitely key. Exercise, another great area – you can’t just throw yourself back into the gym after not having been there for weeks or you’ll end up with tendanitis or something like that 😉

Take care, live it up and get soapy!


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