Have you ever had one of those days where you just shrug your shoulders and can only laugh? Well, I had one of those moments a few weeks ago when I received a package from Despair.com. Yes, I know that the title of the site is well, despairing, but it’s hilarious with their “demotivator” posters and what not. Well, outside of the awesome poster and postcards, they have mugs that you can order that are imprinted with one of their demotivational ideas.  So when I received my package I was stoked and excited about my “Quality” demotivational mug.


The mug came nicely wrapped in bubble wrap, but there didn’t seem to be much padding in the box that was a bit larger than the mug… well, apparently it bounced around quite a bit and the handle broke in transit. After sending a tweet to the Despair Twitter account and an e-mail with a link to the picture of the mug above on Flickr, they had a new mug on the way – this time it came actually intact.


So the mug itself makes me laugh with the broken handle all the more as it adds to the entire point behind the mug.  Gotta love, “Quality” 🙂


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