Nothing like a little Firesign Theatre…


So it's a Sunday evening and I'm looking for a little something to perk up my listening comprehension skills while working on some mindless technical configurations… so I wander over to Amazon's MP3 store for a little entertainment. The first thing that comes to my mind… The Firesign Theatre's "I think we're all bozos on this bus" radio theatre.  Mind you that the last time I checked it was available only on LP… well Amazon has done it once more in conjunction with Sony and released the MP3s for this.

The quality is in stereo! I don't remember listening to this in stereo on my Sony Walkman years and years ago… perhaps I just hadn't recorded it through a stereo cable from the record player. Nonetheless, looking at the page on Amazon's MP3 store, it made me scratch my head seeing that the album was $9.99 or… $0.99 for each MP3… note that there are only two tracks on this album so the total cost is… $2. 🙂

Where can I get this goodness?

Sure it doesn't get you a CloudDrive upgrade, but I'm sure that there are other albums that you're interested in getting from the Amazon MP3 store that will get you an upgrade from the complimentary 5 GB drive to 20 GB. 🙂

Welcome to…. the future!


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