Just a few pixels…


So several years ago I bought a 24″ widescreen Dell monitor refurbished… about a year ago I decided that I’d add to it and get a second 24″ monitor… also refurbished. Both great monitors, no dead pixels whatsoever. The only issue that I’ve run into, the WPF2407 doesn’t have a DisplayPort, so I’m stuck with good old DVI whereas the WPF2408 is pretty sweet with DisplayPort.

While the monitors are basically identical, the monitors stands aren’t quite the same – close, but not perfect. So what can you do to perfect things and get your monitors are on the same level? Introduce the Planar AS2 – http://go.usher.cc/ik9DlG. It’s quite sweet to have the monitors level and actually higher than the stands that are provided for by Dell. If you’re looking for a mount for two monitors that are 24″ or less, definitely consider the Planar – worth the money, easy to put together, solid and sturdy. Now to find the perfect chair…


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