51 degrees at noon…


So while I realize that it’s the ninth of April and the average
temperatures are a little bit warmer, I have to say that I don’t
really mind the gentle bite to the air. Yes, that’s right, I don’t
mind it being 51 degrees outside – quite a bit nicer than the
sweltering heat of the dog days of Summer where I wonder if the air
conditioning of my car will actually cool the car down or not.

Anyway, a few days ago we had some wicked thunderstorms press through
the overnight… the blossoms from the trees in the neighborhood
decide that they wanted to “spread their wings” and there remnants of
the petals seem to be all over everything. Needless to say it’s nice
to see “life” starting to return after yet another bleak Winter – just
have to hope that the pollen doesn’t knock me down too much this year.


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