Snow Daemon Process Started…

IMG_0599-1Similar to last year, we had a light dusting of snow prior to Christmas. By light dusting of course I mean several inches that caused the area to freak out and was blamed for Holiday sales not hitting the level of margins expected since everyone was snowed in during a weekend prior to the Christmas holiday.

Well, it happened again, though with not quite as much glamour with a light snow storm wreaking havoc on Northern Virginia. As you can see though there’s still fun to be had, even by the little people Smile

Fortunately the snow storm lasted all of twelve hours and left behind 1-3” depending on where you were at. Granted, with the cold temperatures that have hampered the region for the last few days, it hasn’t really melted off of everything just yet as can be seen in the photo taken earlier today.

For those looking forward to more snow, fear not, the snow daemon process is primed and started. Ready your shovels and snow blowers!


One thought on “Snow Daemon Process Started…

  1. The snow has continued to melt very slowly and in some places, it has just changed to a icy glaze. And from what I hear, there may well be a Bing Crosby white Christmas.

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