Beware the Christmas Gnomes…

It’s 11 days til Christmas and I have to say that I’m not really looking forward to Christmas this year. It’s not so much that I feel like I don’t have anyone to spend it with – I’m sure that my brother and his wife and kids would love to have Uncle Dan around, or perhaps to spend time with my extended family in Georgia or South Carolina… but oddly I just guess I’m not really in the spirit of things.

In the past I always remember there being something special about Christmas, whether it be decorating a Christmas tree with family or there being a specific toy or gadget or book that I was really interested in and hoping that someone would get me I feel almost like I’ve hit that Ecclesiastes state of feeling of vanity and commercialism.

Perhaps if I was actively attending Immanuel Bible Church I would be more in the spirit, and yet my heart still aches every time that I drive by, expecting to see either a Honda Accord or Acura MDX there.  Maybe if I was going to Reston Bible Church or McLean Bible Church on a more regular basis I’d be more in the spirit of giving and spreading the Word of Christ.  But I’m not… something to work on in 2011.

Heart-Felt-Aust-031I do realize that I’m blessed incredibly by each and everyone of you that are reading this in addition to knowing that my family does in fact care deeply for me.  I guess it’s more just that the sense of loss still blows me away at times.  They say that the second year after having lost someone is more painful than the first – mostly because those friends that were close but not considered family have forgotten and moved on. There’s definitely a special group of folks that around every holiday or memorial date turn back toward the family and remind us of the good times and the things that our Mom had done to touch the lives of others – thank you each and everyone of you.

For me, I classify this feeling that I have at the moment as an instance of the invasion of the Christmas Gnomes getting the better of me. Funny enough, Mom had some little gnomes that looked similar to the one pictured to the right. Though they weren’t festively decorated in red felt with green branches, rather just red felt cloaks and fuzzy white beards.

So how to avoid the Christmas Gnomes you ask? Easy, surround yourself with friends and family. It’s time to rejoice in the Lord. It’s easy to let the post modern world that we live within try to focus on ourselves, but in reality this is the time that we should tune in all the more to God and remember what this season is meant for.

So while little kids are super excited about crawling around in boxes and big kids are excited to be playing games on a new arcade system, I’m starting to see why my parents were just excited to have family with them – definitely the best gift that you can ever have.

Grace and Blessing to you all and look out for those gnomes creeping in from the sides!


3 thoughts on “Beware the Christmas Gnomes…

  1. Blessings to you too, Dan. I was thinking of your mom during Christmas concert season again — how special she was and how she always took such good care of us choir members.

  2. “I’m sure that my brother and his wife and kids would love to have Uncle Dan around” I disagree…you KNOW that we would love to have you around end of story. So stick that in your gnome and smoke it ;).

  3. Dan – thanks for your thoughts about Mom and these days of the year – actually, it’s hard to say which time Carolyn enjoyed more, Christmas or Easter. Please know this: you are always welcome with me too and I look forward to seeing you! I enjoy matching wits with you and benefiting from interacting with you. You are unique. You are loved. And do take time to think of our many blessings.

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