Avoiding Burnout…

One of the biggest problems that I see as someone that enjoys toying with technology is burnout. No, not talking about the game, or something along those lines but more about burning out in your career.

I think I can say that I’ve been through burnout a few times over the past years, girding myself back up and pushing forward to kick butt and chew bubble gum.  Pause and read through this article published by our friends at Lifehacker.com

Burnout and How to Deal With It” by Jeremy Hutchings

A few years ago I decided I’d had enough with burn out and decided I would just start going to the gym two hours a night. I was far from being a gym rat, but definitely was stress free and scared a lot of people when I would effortlessly lift certain amounts of weight.  Exercise, rest and healthy nutrition were great for blowing through stress, until another “exciting” project was presented to me and it all went out the window, though I do still try to maintain a sleep pattern that provides for ample rest.

So what’s all that mean for me? Probably that I’ll start jumping back into a pretty hardcore gym workout schedule as well as putting some more barriers in place between work and life – Google Voice works pretty well for this, taking calls and letting me do my own thing in the evenings… TokTumi’s paid service would allow me to further direct people to appropriate resources through a virtual assistant. Smile

So what’s it mean to you though? It means that you need to learn to live your life and not sweat the small details. Get the heck out of dodge, disconnect, take a Kindle loaded up with books. You should be good for about a month if you’ve got that much vacation stored like I do Smile


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