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Get your walk on…

Recently I was reminded how precious life is through a few different events occurring. I was reminded that life is not something that we can live later, but rather something that we seize today and live the moment. If we rather decide to live later and work now we cheat ourselves and others of enjoying the life that we are blessed with.

Nevertheless, in an effort to get back in shape and remind myself how relaxing just wandering aimlessly outside can be well, just what I need, I’ve started wandering 20-30 minutes at night at a nice leisurely pace of about 3 mph.

So far, so good and definitely feeling more relaxed after only a few days – who knows, maybe I’ll be jogging and running soon 🙂

What about you? I’d encourage you to get out and walk, take your music player with you and disconnect for thirty minutes and just let your mind rest for a little while and feel your blood course through your body as you relax and recuperate.

Baltimore and Washington DC Worst Drivers

Well, following up on my last post about drivers in Washington, DC being non-cognizant of their surroundings, paying attention to texts, tweets and something other than the road (blog post), it’s official according to AllState Safety Survey (2010 Best Drivers Report).

Looks like DC is the worst around where on average Washingtonians get into an accident every 5.1 years, 95.5% higher chances of getting in an accident than the average American.

Baltimore rates a little better in next to last position with an auto accident occurring every 5.6 years for Baltimorians (is that even a word?) – 79.4% higher chances than the average American.

Other areas near DC including Alexandria, VA and Arlington, VA are near the bottom of the list as well. Arlington ranking with a 35.3% greater than average chance likelihood of being in an accident – accidents occurring every 7.4 years.  As for Alexandria, VA statistics are similar with a 38.0% greater than average likelihood of being in an accident – accidents occurring every 7.2 years.

I think it may be time to move to Fort Collins, Colorado where the likelihood of getting in an accident is 31.2% less than the average American and the average years between auto accidents is 14.5 years.