Observations on Driving…

Recently I took my Nissan Maxima on a long road trip on the roads of the Southeast and have to say that I was impressed with the drivers along the way. How so you might inquire? Quite simply – they were paying attention to the wheel, they were being courteous and they actually stopped for pedestrians at crosswalks.

That’s right, they gave pedestrians the right of way.

So here I am back in Northern Virginia and I was pretty ticked off by the number of drivers that either

  • a) drove with their high beams on
  • b) weaved in and out of traffic aggressively and
  • c) texted while driving to the point that they were having difficulties controlling their driving at 55 mph.

Seriously people, pay attention to the road and get over yourselves – you’re not doing yourself any favors by getting stressed out about getting somewhere more quickly – take a chill pill and leave earlier. If you don’t have time to leave earlier, consider some hard conversations with your manager to change times.

Bottom line, it would be nice to actually live here if it weren’t full of folks that while driving aren’t thinking about driving…


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