Sleeping in for the Cure

Living in the Washington DC area, there are a few things that you tend to know about happening… for instance WTOP News is your friend with traffic and weather on the 8’s… the Marine Corps Marathon in October is a pretty big deal… the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on the National Mall is also a pretty big deal…

So now imagine the collision of two of these three items – WTOP News and the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure. Over the past couple of years I’ve always chuckled when the radio announcers / broadcasters / news desk folks talk about Sleeping in for the Cure, always wondering if it was just something that WTOP News did or if it was legitimate.

After a little thought and analysis, and a visit to the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure web site, sure enough it’s possible to register for Sleep in For the Cure. Initially I thought, “Maybe I’ll get a group together to go and walk the 3.1 mile hike, that’s a nice hour long walk.” But then I started thinking about it… 45,000 participants on the metro on a Saturday morning in DC… hmmm. Maybe I need to relax a little.

So while everyone else is out for the fun through DC, I’ve registered to sleep in on 5 June, and I intend to 🙂

Similar to runners, we get race shirts and bibs, but the bib is a little different 🙂

sleep in for the cure

And if you’re interested in contributing to the Race for the Cure and looking for someone that’s registered, wander on over to:

Better yet, sign up and enjoy sleeping in 🙂


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