Just one last call…

So what would you say if you had one last call?

Would you remind the person of how much they meant to you or would you merely just mention that you look forward to talking to them soon and leave things open ended? Would you give them a word of encouragement and something uplifting in this world of stress and bad news we live in?

I know for me, I hate goodbyes and in some cases avoid them so as to soften the emotional blow on myself. However, I’m starting to see more and more what Michael Easley meant about being a man and taking the blows rather than ducking – however that’s a discussion for a different day.

Nonetheless, do you wonder at times, when you listen to a message, do you delete it immediately thinking you’ll see the person later in the day or do you just hold onto it and remove it later when your phone becomes full of messages?

I urge you to think when you’re leaving a message for someone, whether a friend, a loved one, your boss or a staff member, if that was the last contact you had with them, how would you be remembered?

My heart still is healing from losing a loved one a year ago, every so often feeling the wounds heal over, only to be torn open again. But I’m fortunate, what started as memories of sorry have turned to smiles, albeit with a tear running down my cheek at times thinking how proud Mom would be. I still listen to the voice message she left for me, a few hours prior to the car accident that took her away from us a month later. The message was uplifting, up beat, encouraging and caring.

It was a model to remind me how to care for others so that they’d know that someone does care about them and for them.

Thanks Mom for the valuable lesson.


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