Son of Snow…

So just after everyone had the chance to dig out from Snowmageddon and test out their four wheel drive vehicles Son of Snow decided to show up on Tuesday, 9 February 2010. Yes, it’s not an official name, but someone mentioned it on Facebook, so I adopted it promptly and perhaps have overused it or abused it.
Son of Snow swooped in late on Tuesday night, snow falling in heavy fluffy flakes. Thereafter turning into a freezing rain, adding a nice, thin coating of ice onto everything (there are some wicked sweet icicles around here now too). For a few hours there was only a steady wind which then turned over to snow blizzard ground effects and a considerable amount of snow dumping on top of the snow that was already there. As the morning went on, things finally faded out and just became heavy winds blowing snow everywhere, normalizing the layering. Granted, the winds were still fierce.

So once the plows had a chance to push through the area a little, the house mates and I decided it was time to venture out. Fear not – I’m not driving, just in the navigator position.

If you’re interested in the epic adventures after Son of Snow, check it out in the Son of Snow Album on


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