Recap: Snowmageddon (The Great Blizzard of 2010)

A little over a week ago, 5 February 2010, Snowmageddon descended upon us. Somewhere around 2 PM the snow began to fall, sprinkling the area gently, becoming a slushy foundation that would later freeze into a firm foundation for snow to pile there upon. Every few hours I was going outside and using a large shop broom and brushing away the initial slush and snow. Come nightfall the snow fall picked up and began sticking to the ground.

Overnight, we continued to shovel the snow every few hours. It seemed though that with every time we would go out that we had not dented the snow with any of our previous efforts.

By Saturday morning, the snow was deep and any previous efforts to clear snow were disturbed by wind blowing snow into drifts. Wandering about the neighborhood took precedent 🙂

After much shoveling and digging, the snow had finally died down, but my car still seemed to be weighted down by a significant amount of snow. I decided I would submit my thoughts to the world by drawing a little something in the snow.

All in all, by my car was finally freed from the snow by Sunday night.

Unfortunately more snow is on the way…


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