An unexpected snow storm…

For those of you that live in the Northern Virginia area, you might have been startled to wake up on Saturday morning, 30 January 2010 to find your front porch covered in snow and the roads a unplowed with a few inches of snow piling up.  It was to be a weekend like any other that we’ve had recently… bitterly cold and overcast. Weather forecasters had stated all week long that there was a very minute chance of snow but that the air masses would drive the snow south toward Richmond and that we would only get a dusting.

Well, there was definitely a little more than a dusting by mid-day and it would seem as though Northern Virginia got caught with their pants on the ground.

Fortunately the snow seems to be melting and it wasn’t too hard to plow since it was light and fluffy… next time we may not be so lucky 😉

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