An unexpected snow storm…

For those of you that live in the Northern Virginia area, you might have been startled to wake up on Saturday morning, 30 January 2010 to find your front porch covered in snow and the roads a unplowed with a few inches of snow piling up.  It was to be a weekend like any other that we’ve had recently… bitterly cold and overcast. Weather forecasters had stated all week long that there was a very minute chance of snow but that the air masses would drive the snow south toward Richmond and that we would only get a dusting.

Well, there was definitely a little more than a dusting by mid-day and it would seem as though Northern Virginia got caught with their pants on the ground.

Fortunately the snow seems to be melting and it wasn’t too hard to plow since it was light and fluffy… next time we may not be so lucky 😉

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Why is it that we stress about the future? Why do we not just sit back and relax knowing that the Lord is in control? I know for me it’s more being anxious that things will turn out a particular way… putting that aside and just realizing I don’t have to be in control is actually extremely comforting.

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Matthew 6:34

Are we getting cooked by Wifi?

So over the past few weeks I’ve been taking more time for me. Not a bad thing right? Getting a balance back in place of sorts. One of my guilty pleasures is to read. Whether news feeds or books, it’s a guilty pleasure. Go ahead and book’em Dan-o (pun intended).
One of these news feeds is that of Gizmodo which showcases, you guessed it, gadgets and gizmos 🙂 Recently an article caught my eye dealing with a device to charge USB devices using Wifi signals. The charging device is made by RCA, more can be read here.

The question of course that this poses to me is whether or not this is a warning sign for those of us that live in neighborhoods that have several wireless running, colliding and interfering with one another. Are we getting cooked or is the power contained within the 802.11 spectrum harmless to humans because the wavelengths do not interact with the genetic and cellular makeup of the human body. Just sayin…

A New Year…

It’s Twenty Ten.

It’s been more than a year since I last gave my Mom a hug.
So the first is still on my mind fairly often, but with time, memories turn to smiles rather than gnashing of teeth. I still want to pick up the phone from time to time to say hi and see how things are going on at Immanuel, but I stop myself and just breath, realizing that life will never be the same.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve seen close friends.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen several close friends. Relating to my first though, several folks clammed up and weren’t certain what to do when Mom passed away. Several didn’t know what to say. Understandably, but just swinging by the house to say hello or calling would have been something that would have blown me away. Instead, while there seemed to be a ridiculous outpouring of sorrow on Facebook, I can’t say that there was one person that dropped by the house to share a meal or to say hello and see how I was doing. Granted, in some respects, I can’t blame them since I was over taking care of my dad through sometime part way into December.
Now that’s not to say that all friends have wandered disregarded me, but I guess it seems like “most” did. As time has gone by, some folks have come out of the woodwork to hang out – the “some” is relatively small. If anything I turn to my colleagues at work – some of them knew the full extent as to what had transpired, others just thought that there was an accident (hello, awkward!). These folks, while some not knowing Christ, were utilized by Him, providing care and friendship I would have suspected my Christian brothers would have rushed forward to provide – and people wonder why it’s hard to trust “christians” when they’re not true to the character of “Christians”.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve had the opportunity to really just be me.
Maybe I’m a little off on timelines, but it’s been a while since I feel I”ve had the opportunity to actually just be the kid that I like to be. In some respects I was able to be a kid in Nashville, TN over the past year, but not to just kick back and relax.

What’s that? You’ve got a vacation coming up?
If only. Though I suppose a trip to Hawaii would be acceptable to get away and just kick back, relax and breath.

So what are you looking to do this January of 2010?